Will i need a deluxe check?

This depends on whether you want to buy the vehicle or not, if you are buying a vehicle then it’s better to be safe than sorry (even if you use another check).

What’s the pros of getting a deluxe check?

The deluxe check has many pro’s, some of which include:

  • £30,000 data guarantee
  • Outstanding finance check
  • Stolen check
  • Mileage discrepancy check
  • Written off check
  • Much more

How can I tell if a vehicle is cloned?

You can do this with our deluxe check, we provide:

  • The VIN last 4 digits – So you can verify vehicles identity
  • Engine number – So you can check engine hasn’t been swapped
  • V5C logbook date – so you can check logbook/vehicle is legitimate

Can you provide car insurance details?

No, our reports do not include vehicle insurance details.

Can I obtain previous owner names and addresses through deluxe check?

No, however we do provide the number of previous owners and certain dates relating to change of ownership.

How much does the deluxe check cost?

This depends if you use a coupon code or not, but the standard price is around £8.99

I want multiple checks can you provide a discount?

Yes, contact us and we will give you a discount based on how many checks you want.

I am a trade customer can I get an account?

If you want multiple checks a month, we can provide them cheaper, simply contact us via the contact page and we will arrange a custom package for you.

Got a question?

If so contact us via the contact page now, we are always happy to help.