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Outstanding Finance Check
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Mileage Check
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Our deluxe check comes with a £30,000 data guarantee for your peace of mind.

Don’t take chances when it comes to buying a used vehicle.

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The history of car data checking

We are not the first website to offer vehicle history checks to UK consumers, in fact there are numerous other websites that also offer car and vehicle history checks. If we were to go back into the history of car checks, then the first company to start offering vehicle history checks was HPI Limited. We would like to state that we are not affiliated or linked to HPI LTD or the HPI check in any way.

Just like HPI we offer a £30,000 data guarantee, outstanding finance check and vehicle valuation data with our deluxe check.

How does this work?

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Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions we are frequently asked by customers, please feel free to browse and check them out!

Do your checks Include car insurance details?

The Deluxe check does not include details of vehicle insurance, whilst it may provide the insurance group of a vehicle it doesn’t provide insurance details. This is something that you can check on the motor insurance database.

Do you provide an mot check?

Yes, the free check includes 3 MOT history records whilst the deluxe check includes a mot history check with the last 10 records.

Do you provide vehicle road tax information?

Yes, both the free and deluxe check provide road tax expiry date, co2 emissions and renewal prices for 6/12 months road tax.

Do you check if a vehicle is stolen?

Our free check doesn’t include whether a vehicle registration has been reported as stolen, however the deluxe check will query the police and insurance database to check if a VRM has been reported as stolen. It’s worth noting that the vehicle your looking to buy may have been cloned, so you need to carry out the relevant checks to ensure the registration plate belongs to the vehicle you are viewing. These checks include but are not limited to making sure the VIN last 4 matches, the V5C logbook date matches and the engine number matches that of your deluxe check.

Do you provide previous owners information?

We do not provide any personal details of previous vehicle owners, however we do provide the amount of previous keepers in our deluxe check.

Do you provide an outstanding finance check?

An outstanding finance check is included with the deluxe check, we also include details of the finance company, finance agreement number and a telephone number where you can call to clarify the finance status of a vehicle. This is only of course if the vehicle has recorded finance against it.

Do you include a vehicle valuation?

Yes, the deluxe check provides car valuations if the vehicle is less than 12 years old, the valuation is only included for cars, not vans or motorbikes.

Do you provide safety recall checks?

Yes and best of all this is included with the free check (but not deluxe). All recall data is supplied by the DVSA.

What’s included in our checks

Our check gives your peace of mind by offering a total of 50+ checks, the most important checks include:

  • Outstanding Vehicle Finance Check
  • Stolen Check
  • Write off Check
  • Vehicle Valuation
  • Import & Export check
  • Mileage Check to detect possible mileage discrepancy
  • Scrapped & Unscrapped Check
  • Vehicle Colour Changes Check
  • Registration Plate Changes Check
  • And more, please see the Sample Report to see everything our check has to offer

Why get a car data check from us?

There are many other car checking websites available when it comes to getting a vehicle data check, some of these include HPI Check, Total Car Check, Instant Car Check, RAC, AA, Car Veto, My Car Check, Rapid Car Check, Car Analytics and AutoTrader to name a few.

For this reason, we want to give you the main reasons we believe you should use us instead of our competitors.

  • Some car checks do not include vital information such as vehicle finance check and valuation data (our deluxe check does).
  • Some checks do not offer the £30,000 data guarantee (our deluxe check does).
  • Some providers do not offer after hours email support, we do.